A man is in a hardware store causing a ruckus

A man is in a hardware store causing a ruckus
He is holding a large bag of salt designed to melt snow. The employees are all crowding

around him, begging him to stop.

The man walks over to the hardware section and rips open the bag. He dumps the salt all over

the batteries. The batteries were coated in a thick layer of salt. Before long, the police entered

the store and took the man into custody.

The employees found the whole situation bizarre. The police walked up to one of the managers,

“Alright then, he can take the ride to jail if the store wants to pursue charges.”

The manager thought for a moment, “What will he be charged with?”

“Well, there actually is a law prohibiting the dumping of iodized salt onto lithium-based products”

“What crime is that?”

“Misdemeanor saltin’ battery.”

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