Skirt were a bit shorter

Skirt were a bit shorter

A young Spanish teacher, fresh out of college, is hired at a public school.

On her first day, the principal decides to observe, and sits down next to Little Johnny. She starts writing a sentence in Spanish on the board. As she does, a piece of chalk breaks and she bends down to pick it up. When she finishes writing her sentence, she asks, “Now, kids, who can translate this sentence for me?”

Little Johnny raises his hand and says, “if that skirt were a bit shorter…”

“That is disgusting and rude!” says the teacher, “get out of my class right now!”

As Little Johnny is packing his things in his knapsack, he suddenly picks up his Spanish textbook and whacks the principal on the head with it,

“And, as for you, Mister, if you don’t know your shit, keep your mouth shut!”

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