Funny thoughts and riddles

How can I know how many lives my cat has left?

The black box of the planes is indestructible … why will not they do the whole plane of that same material?

Did Red Riding Hood have anything to do with the communist party?

Do the fish drink water?

Why are there no B, double BB or triple BBB batteries?

How can we know that the sky is really green and we are colorblind?

To what tree does the fruit of labor belong?

If all rights are reserved, what happens then with the left?

Why does Captain America not move his legs when he runs?

Why do we lift our shoulders when it rains? Do we wet less?

Why football players when they miss a goal and TV. focuses on them, spit on the grass?

Is not something reassuring that doctors refer to their jobs as ‘practices’?

When the Roman Empire fell … who pushed it?

Can sterility be transmitted to children?

Does the institute that issues the ISO 9000 quality certificates have certified quality by whom?

What is green on the outside, green on the inside, with an avocado seed inside?

If they say that life begins at 20, why are we born before?

Why do all public works cost millions more in the end than planned?

A turtle without a shell … Did you lose your home or are you just naked?

If a man is standing in the middle of a forest and there is no woman in kilometers who can listen to him, is he still wrong?

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