A man enters a pet shop

A man enters a pet shop. He wants to buy live mice to feed his python. The man saw

the cage with a parrot and begins to examine it. In this moment the parrot said, “Your

fly is undone.” The man blushed. He looked around if anyone sees him and closed his

zipper. The parrot said again, “Your pants have a slit back.” The man blushed still

more and tried to cover his ass with a hand. “Your shoelaces are untied”, the parrot

does not cease. The man bent down to tie his shoelaces. “Farted! … You little fart”, the

parrot yelled. The man died of shame and fled from the store. At this point the mice

called from their cage and said, “Coco, thanks you! You saved our lives again. You

know, we’ll make it up to you.”

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