A 64 year old lady never had any kids

A 64 year old lady never had any kids

A 64-year-old lady never had any kids, so she went to her doctor and asked if he

would help her with in-vitro fertilization. He said, “You’re a little old, but I guess we

could give it a try.” A few months later she got pregnant. She invited her girlfriends

over to see the baby, and they all very anxious to see the baby boy. The newly mother

said, “why don’t we just talk awhile.” As time went on, her friends asked again and

again where is the baby… She said, “We never get a chance to talk, and here is our

chance to catch up!” Finally they insisted on seeing him. She said, “Well, we’ll just have

to wait until he cries before you all can see him.” The women were puzzled. And she

said, “I don’t remember where I put him.”

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