So, in the summer, I go do some work. I was looking for a job, and found house painting.

A couple of days after my first day, we where going to paint a fairly big house. We did

it with the 3 of us, because then the job will be done quicker.

One day, one of us fell down the lader, 3 floors down, and died.. my co-worker said:

“dang.. he had a wife and 2 kids.. i mean, now we gotta tell her”. I said “dont you

worry. I’ll go tell her”

A while later, I come back, with a crate of beer. Co-worker, he flipped, told me “what

are you thinking, buying beer. You where suppose to bring the bad news to the

Smiths!” I responded “i did tell her. Really”

He said “well for what the beer then?” I said “well.. I went to his house, knocked on the

door and his wife opened the door. I said to her ‘good evening. Are you Widow

Smith?’ she goes ‘yeah, my name is Smith, but a Widow? Im not a widow’ to witch I

responded ‘shall we bet on a crate of beer'”?

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