How Nona and Tubo saved Christmas

How Nona and Tubo saved Christmas A few days before Christmas Giant Paraplü rubbed his hands. What betrayed his telescope from Himmeland gave him great pleasure. His plan worked! They had not noticed the hole. It would not be long before he could take action and return to Kandelaber for his fortress onion tower. With […]

Aunt Klara and Santa Claus

Aunt Klara and Santa Claus At Christmas, most people always do exactly the same as the year before. And like the year before. And so it goes on and on. Mama says that’s tradition. And we try every year, but it never really works. Daddy says it’s a tradition for us that every year something […]

Golf Game

Golf Game A priest, a doctor and an engineer play golf. They wait after a group of golfers particularly slow. After a while, the engineer explodes and says: – But what are they doing? It’s been a quarter of an hour we wait, the! The doctor intervenes, exasperated too: – […]