What is Aldi?

Good day, how are you?” Even the older pardon, ‘more experienced’ generations have slowly admitted that the times of this almost unrestrained and completely unkempt parlance are over once and for all. “Finally,” it escapes the one or other fifties, this miserable youth language was replaced by a decent and […]

Not on this day

The contractions had begun three hours ago, at 14.30 clock. They were not very violent yet. Lore and Matthias were in good spirits that they could do it. “Not today,” said Lore and Matthias agreed, “Not today, not on this day.” “We should have calculated that better.” “Already, but who […]

Thick raindrops

As Sophie looks through the windowpane in her nursery school, she sees heavy raindrops falling to the floor. Plitsch, splash, splish, splash. The Kita garden is already very wet. The swing, the seesaw, the small wooden house, everything is wet. Also in the Buddelkasten have already formed deep puddles. She wanted to go to the […]