A man from West Virginia finds out his daughter

A man from West Virginia finds out his daughter is dating a man from Virginia.

So the guy questions his daughter about the guy, finding out his name is Clarence. But he

doesn’t like the sound of this guy. Well one day the daughter comes home crying and runs to

her room, telling her dad that it’s because of Clarence. So the dad gets his oldest son, they get

in the car and start driving towards Virginia. The son asks “What are we doing?” And the dad

angrily replies “We’re gonna go have a ‘talk’ with this here Clarence.” They keep driving. Just as

they reach the tunnel leading into Virginia, the dad slams on his brakes, and frantically turns

the car around and starts headed back. The son asks “What’s going on? I thought we were

going to go talk to Clarence?” The dad looks at his son and says “Didn’t you see the sign

above the tunnel? Clarence is 13 ft tall!”

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