A pastor embezzles money from the church

A pastor embezzles money from the church, and uses it to buy a new car. Smitten with his purchase, he takes it to a custom paint shop.

“I want you to paint it a heavenly sky blue. Airbrush some white in there, so it looks like

clouds.” Hours later, he gets his car back, with an immaculate paint job.

“You want to know what would make this better? Add some pinstriping. Make it gold, like the

Pearly Gates.” Moments later, it comes back, but the coloring is all botched. There are black

and red discolorations all along it.

Upon closer inspection, the pastor notices there are small horns in the black patches, small

hooves in the red spots, and tiny tridents everywhere.

Rather upset, the pastor shouts, “Hey! What gives? I demand to talk to the owner!”

The shop owner comes by, takes a look, and notes, “Ahh. The devil is in the details..

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