My sleep – oh sleep, where are you –
I wanted to build on you.
My sleep – oh sleep, where is the meaning,
I can not trust anymore!

I lie awake,
roll around,
I can count the hours.
I need you,
I have to rest,
why are you tormenting me so much !!

It is life without you,
punishment for me PUR –
where are you staying, where are you,
no trace of recreation!

You torture me with sleep deprivation,
what should that be with us?
I’m not tired of it yet,
I just want to die …!

In the sky, yes it would be nice,
I could come to rest –
for years here, in the stable, the cattle,
has taken my sleep.
The silence – it’s over,
passed through nights –
but unfortunately remained,
I hate it,
my powers are gone !

So I plague myself with my sleep,
where andre do not even think,
I can not anymore, I do not like anymore –
have nothing more to give away!

Often I wake up, from the deepest sleep,
while I still want to dream,
the day is young –
I’m angry, can completely overflow!

After a short time, in the morning then,
I would like to lie back again,
desperate without a
thirst for action, I would now only after “over there” …

But no one knows how bad it is,
you have to bargain for sleep,
the good powers, where are you –
can you do that for me ?!

So I like to lay – and cover myself –
in sleep there is the strength.
My sleep, oh Lord, bring me to rest
and bless my night!

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I want to be relaxed in the morning –
I too deserve it!
Sleep sets itself in,
as with a child!

so I sleep in selgèr Ruh –
no trace of the sky.
Tired of it, close your eyes,
wake up as a cheerful person!

that’s how it should be, that’s the way it may be,
now I want to go to bed.
My brain
stops thinking – first I want to continue to relax.

So stand up to me that I’m losing the fear of
sleeping now –
I praise you, thank you DIR
praised YOU are here!