Day: April 4, 2019

Felix and his grandfather

Tuesday was always Opatag for Felix. After school, the twelve-year-old did not go home as usual, but took the tram to the other end of town to spend the afternoon with his grandfather. For the pensioner, widowed for three years, the visits of his only grandson were always a pleasure, and […]

My sleep

My sleep – oh sleep, where are you – I wanted to build on you. My sleep – oh sleep, where is the meaning, I can not trust anymore! I lie awake, roll around, I can count the hours. I need you, I have to rest, why are you tormenting […]


Katja had three addictions. She was addicted to candy and caffeine and, above all, pathologically jealous. Everyone was surprised that her friend Leo had not given her the passport long ago. The two lived about two hundred yards apart. Leo’s apartment was in a house he and his sister Marie […]

The rib of the LP12

I am sitting at Schwedtsee in Fürstenberg / Havel. I went here because I wanted to feed the ducks, with the rib I was given yesterday in the Emperor, in the Mall of Berlin on Potsdamer Platz to my potato soup, which I no longer ate, since I was full and […]


Sternentanz Sometimes, I feel like a branch in the wind that almost seems to break off by the waves of the blast, light and fragile, delicate and unblemished; small buds are on me and strive against the light of heaven; overgrown with mosses is my tribe Lichen entwine my branches, the sun gives me […]

The confession in the nursing home

Our ability to think helps us understand and classify the things around us. However, we gladly forget that we mainly think in terms of templates. Although we are only too happy to attribute this characteristic to others, political, social or artistic, appearances and groupings, especially from the past, that arouse […]


Our general tendency for unification often restricts our imagination to such an extent that we become unable to think in terms of opposites. We can hardly imagine that rich people were once poor, old and young, sad and happy and so on. We start from a static, firm, unchangeable world. There is nothing […]