The confession in the nursing home

Our ability to think helps us understand and classify the things around us. However, we gladly forget that we mainly think in terms of templates. Although we are only too happy to attribute this characteristic to others, political, social or artistic, appearances and groupings, especially from the past, that arouse our displeasure. Of course we speak for ourselves of such simple and simple thinking. However, the fact that we are constantly dividing people into the traditional, stupid categories of “good” and “evil” with downright fanatical, unselfishly basely corrupted lasciviousness and categorically denies it is categorically denied.
We humans are apparently incapable of seeing things in their diversity and accepting them as they are. Our sense of reality is just rudimentary, and it will stay that way.
When it is reported once again that a high church leader has died of a heart attack in the brothel and died, we either react stunned, something beyond our imagination, or we break out in laughter that the hypocrites would finally be “exposed”. That in reality there is no black and white in life and among us people, only shades of gray to see this, is extremely difficult for us.
But we all know the old, in his malignancy often far too exaggerating saying: “The biggest whores later in life are the biggest sisters, and vice versa!” That the final balance is right, only that’s what matters! If you do not go wild in your youth, you have to make up for it in your old age, and then it often gets embarrassing!
This also shows us, in a weakened form, the following occurrence from the formerly strictly Protestant-pietistic Trossingen. Ironically, this statement made a very elderly, friendly and highly respectful resident of the home there to a caregiver.
It began with the fact that when preparing to sleep the old lady suddenly asked: “Ischd Eahne scho a mol uffg’falla, that ma in Schbiagel älles looks reversed, but it remembers a mol common?
Well, when you’re watching, you can see it in Schiagelschrift, and then you know it, that ma stares in ‘Schbiagel. “(Have you ever noticed that you can do everything in the mirror? reversed sees that this is not even immediately clear to us? Only when you look at something written, you can see it in mirror writing, and then you certainly know that you look in a mirror.)
When the caretaker confirmed this, she continued, “Sell has been a long time. Where’n no young girls g’wäa bi, send me so poor guide g’wäa that I Kender it g’het every room o’clock gond. So han i with my nagschd younger sister a room toila messa, where z’sema g’schlofa hond me. Trossenga is sellmol no koi rich town gwäa, merely a arms village, with two or three factory antillamilia. Dia was a little money, but a lot of money. “(That was awfully long ago.) When I was a young girl, we were so poor people that we kids did not each have their own room I shared a room with my next younger sister, in which we slept together.Trossingen at that time was not yet a rich city, but merely a poor village, with two or three families of manufacturers.
And then she went on to say that she was just 17 at the time, her sister was 15. “Ond ma was just not reacht young, ond hot wissa wella, so that’s how it goes with dera Liab ond. Etzat, however, was severely wary of it in Trossinga sellmol: Do hond d ‘Etera, that ma friah on the obed is back again. Do hot’s koine Fisimatenta geah derfa or something. Dia Buaba ond Mädla are severely separated wora. This hot scho beautiful Auga g’macht ond so. But s hot koin place g'gäa, where ma of älls a mol had ausprobiera kenna. Niamed hot a room for yourself alloi g'het, in d'cheuer hot ma it ganga könna, do hot daddy take care, wiawatchdog. Ond im Schdall hot ma’s it treiba wella. In the woods you would meanwhile blur wora, but still the d’Etera would have no idea. So it’s hot for young Leit koi Chance g’gäa, zom d’Liab auszustprobiera. Drum hond dia Trossinger Mädla as miserably long as Jungfraua rumrenna messa, ond d’Buaba hond a lot more rausg’funda g’het. “(And we were then still very young and wanted to know how it works, with the Love and so, but now it was not easy, back then in Trossingen, where the parents were careful to get back home early in the evening, so there could not be any excuses or anything, the boys and girls were severely separated. You have already had a nice look and so on, but there was no place where you could try it all out.Noone had a room for themselves, you could not go into the barn, because the mother was watching like a guard dog , And you did not want to do it in the stable. In the woods you would have been caught all the time, and then the parents would know immediately. So there was no chance for young people to try out the love. That’s why the Trossing girls had to remain a virgin for such a long time, and the boys did not have much more to do.)
And so at that time Trossingen was experiencing erotic high tension in a sexual desert.
But, as promised so auspiciously, “Where there is a will there is a bush!”
So we continue to listen to our resident’s account of how she put her intentions into action.
“To ma obed in the summer ia mol schbäd hoimkomma, it’s scho dark gwäa. So that dr Vaddr knows nothing, I am through the Fenschdr eig’schtiega, my Schweschdr hot me rei lau. Wo-ni me ausoga hao, do not forget me m oimol, wa i do uff m hump hab. That’s what a Druckschdell. Ond nocha hot se even claims to be aebbes g’schrieba, but se it leasa. Ond again a while while moint se, that’s Schbiagelschrift, ond etzat wet se’s wissa, wa do schdoht. “One evening in the summer I came home late, it was already dark. So that the father did not notice, I went in through the window, my sister let me in. When I undressed, she suddenly asked what I had on my back. That would look like a pressure point. And then she even said there was something written, but she could not read it.
So there was no choice but to place the back with the imprinted mirror writing in front of the cabinet mirror to decipher the contents.
At the
request of the caretaker then came the answer: “Do isd g’dhdanda:

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Euphrosyne Messner

  • 1836 + 1914

When the caretaker laughed, the resident said, “Sia hond g’schpannt the same, but my Schweschdr is just a blede Kuah gwäa, dia hot of the oms Verrecka it g’schnallt. I ha-ne-ra’s crumbling verklickera messa.
Still in dr Ganza Schdadt koin andera place g’gäa hot zom Ausprobiera, still send mr halt uff da cemetery g’ganga, do ischd ma sellmol on Obed o’g’schdörd gwäa. Ond i han just stopped gravejdoi, he was haggard anyway. “(They understood that at once, but my sister was very obtuse, she just did not understand it, so I had to chew on it After there was no other place in the city to try it out, we just went to the cemetery, where it was undisturbed that evening, and I lay down on a gravestone, which had already fallen over.)
“Yes , ond ischd’s still a little bit no scheena obed wora? ”
(And, at least, it was still a nice evening?)
“Awa! Hot äbbas with schee ond romantic! Cold isch’sg’wäa, dr Shdoi is hard g’wäa, dr guys ischd og’schickt g’wäa, so oi oekige Entteischong. “(I where! Has something nice and romantic! Cold it was! The stone was tough, the boy was clumsy, so one disappointment!)
And then it burst out of her: “The damned Grabschdoi, cold ond hardens, ond nocha au no total verloga: vo wäga rest, soft – do not do, cross hot mr hurt dao, why should ma gently gentle ruhna könna? “The damned tombstone, cold and hard, and then also completely lying: by virtue of quietness – nothing there, the cross has hurt me, how should one rest gently there ?)
The old lady was glad to have finally gotten rid of all her trouble by her late confession in the nursing home. But the caretaker grinned and wondered if it could be that in the fifties there was a kind of early Gothic scene – and even in Trossingen, back then as a Mecca of bourgeois decent and pietistic piety downright decried. And for especially lascivious contemporaries: why, for the same time, squint miles and scenes of Hamburg and Berlin? What can they already offer compared to the retirement home in Trossingen? There is everything in all variants, and that guarantees an unbeatable low price!
But we should encourage the young people to make their first such important experiences in a pleasant, friendly place. Cemeteries are probably not so well suited to that!

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