Day: July 9, 2019

My memories of this fair go back very far

My memories of this fair go back very far, until the beginning of the 50s. The Wertheim Fair was already something special for my parents and “one” went there every year, that was part of the annual program. Since my ancestors came from Bettingen and also relatives and uncles and aunts, and cousins ​​were there, the Wertemmer Mess was a […]

The cat with the three tails

The cat with the three tails Our son went to a Catholic kindergarten in Würzburg, where fully-uniformed nuns looked after the children. One day our son came home from the kindergarten a little disturbed. “Are there ghosts, Mama?” he asked my wife. “No, they do not exist” was the confident answer. […]

It was Easter

It was Easter. In the already described cottage in the Hinterer Steinbachtal it had a wonderful dining room with full length windows on three sides and a wonderful view of the garden and forest. Once again the kinship was invited, “full house”. The round dining table was not enough, we […]