I was a young primary teacher at that time

I was a young primary teacher at that time. It was a visiting day. Along the walls sat many mothers and also some fathers. 
All pairs of eyes were looking forward to me. The parents knew me above all only through the statements of their children. 
In the language lesson I had the compilation of substitute words for <go> as a topic. 
We had already recorded a nice selection of colored verbs on the blackboard. 
<sneaking, marching, running, staggering, snarling, etc.> 
Now the spring of the spring suddenly died down. In order to get the cooperation going again, I wanted to stimulate the class with certain locomotion situations. 
With the request: “Think eg of a kangaroo!” the spell was broken.
Many hands jumped up. 
I took the Ruthli because it had not been reported yet. 
“Jump?” it came out of her mouth a little timidly. 
“Make a move!” I asked her. A typical teacher habit. 
Ruthli stood up, holding her hands like paws to her chest and leaping for me with a huge leap. 
Exploding parents and children broke out in a deafening laughter. I too had to sit down because I did not expect that. 
Only Ruthli stood stunned and fumbled embarrassed at her skirt. She did not understand our reaction at all. 
I took her comforting to me and explained the misunderstanding. Now she could laugh too.

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