The cat with the three tails

The cat with the three tails

Our son went to a Catholic kindergarten in Würzburg, where fully-uniformed nuns looked after the children.

One day our son came home from the kindergarten a little disturbed.

“Are there ghosts, Mama?” he asked my wife.

“No, they do not exist” was the confident answer.

“But the head nurse says there are ghosts, why does she say that?”

“Ghosts and ghosts are only in the imagination!”

“What is fantasy, mom?”

“Look, you can imagine, our cat would grow a second tail overnight, you can also imagine cats with three tails in your imagination, but they do not give it”.

Thus, the subject was once solved to the satisfaction of our son. It should not be the end of the story. Our then neighbors, with whom we got along well, were eager churchgoers. So we were told about a tumult in the Catholic kindergarten. Supposedly, one of the little snot-noses in the presence of the head nurse would have said that the Holy Spirit did not give it, that was for sure, that would be like a cat with 3 tails. “

We were dependent on this kindergarten, oh dear.

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