My memories of this fair go back very far

My memories of this fair go back very far, 
until the beginning of the 50s. The Wertheim Fair was already 
something special for my parents and “one” went 
there every year, that was part of the annual program. Since my 
ancestors came from Bettingen and also relatives 
and uncles and aunts, and cousins ​​were there, 
the Wertemmer Mess was a meeting place for all the 

Now we went by bus there, a car my 
father had none at that time. Alone the bus ride was 
something special for me, because I was allowed on the lap
Sitting by my father, look at the area. When we crossed the 
border, my father told me that 
until 1918, on the border with Franconia and Baden, there was a 
customs house with a turnpike and the wagons had to 
pay their toll. 

Then finally we were in Wertheim 

Excited I went to the hand of my father through the 
fair crowd, even then many booths along the 
Tauber were along. We stopped at many stalls and 
chatted with this or that relative 
. The most exciting thing I found was the 
“cheap Jakob” stall, which praised everything from shoe polish 
to core soap and laces
to the skin cream, there was nothing that you could not 
find there. The whole thing was loudly advertised. After 
some time we came to the amusement park, which was 
not like today a huge crowd, but there were only a few 
rides. A children’s carousel, a chain carousel 
and a Losbude, much more was not there. The carousel 
had a special advantage for me. My brother 
could not handle the whole thing and so I always enjoyed a 
second ride, because my brother did not want to. Then there were 
bratwurst stalls and a marquee, where we sat and 
some relatives joined in and 
family news was exchanged.

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When the bus drove back I was tired. But already on 
leaving we said, next year we’ll see each other again 
at the Mess. 

And so I will go this year to the 
“Wertemmer Mess” and 
freshen up old childhood memories !