now I wanted to know it and while I still winked at the hangover

now I wanted to know it and while I still winked at the hangover, without being interested in it, watt possibly watching neighbors might now think, the beam crept back to me, turned the familiar round and disappeared behind the house ,

i stayed seated until i checked that it had the same periods of time that it took the light to hit me and then i … by now it was almost 2 o’clock … not knowing where the light might come from the three floors climbed up to my apartment door, not without noticing that here, too, the beam of light accompanied me through the stained glass windows on every floor.

“Well, since we were probably chosen,”

I thought before I fell asleep; I had laughingly read somewhere on the net that there are so-called “Ufo children”. πŸ™‚

only briefly I have on the other morning when drinking coffee together in the company considered whether I experienced someone should tell; But the curiosity to find out what that might mean was stronger than the worry of making me look ridiculous. had set a lot of clever and well-studied people and they would be able to explain that to me. πŸ™‚

“pilli ??? sure not to have drunk ???”

was still the most polite comment of the four boys, but I remained calm and said only:

“pity, I thought again, you knew more than me, well juuuttt, at least that calms me!”

took my coffee, the complete newspaper, which we otherwise shared brotherly / sisterly and went to my desk.

and then I read the report … over and over again … until I had understood everything that offered to technical delicacies; I’m back to the boys and threw the newspaper on the table, grinning; of course with the appropriate article … provided with thick red exclamation points and underlining … on top. πŸ™‚

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I had witnessed the test run of one of the first disco lights in the German room more than 10 years ago, which, so far, should attract visitors; a sensation at the time!

The disco with this spotlight, whose bright rays moved in circles over field, forest, streets and city, was about 7km away and stood in Frechen. I often smiled later, when I … was traveling on the same route … again at night.