I came one morning into the kitchen

I came one morning into the kitchen and found the fridge open and completely iced before. 
Probably spent half the night trying to cool the kitchen. There was also some of the content before that. Of course I was mad at me because I probably had not closed the door properly. 
The next morning the same game! That made me doubt a little about me. 
I later sat in the kitchen above my newspaper as Gramlyn stalked in. 
He lay down in front of the fridge, braced his hind paws against it, and, with some difficulty, skillfully tugged open the refrigerator door. 
I thought I did not see right.
Calmly, he began to clear out until he had the liverwurst. With that he pushed himself into the nursery and was not seen for the first time. 
I then went to Baby Source and asked for a child safety lock for the fridge. 
The saleswoman said, “Yes, when the kids are ready, you have to do something.” 
I said, “Because of kids, – that’s for my hangover, he’s cleaning out the fridge.” 
At first she looked at me as if I was crazy and then she laughed until she started to cry and she said nobody would believe that. 

With my current tomcat Oscar I have a similar problem.
He does not come to the fridge, but to the drawers and there he clears out the plastic bags and perforates them all neatly. 
I bought “Parental Controls” again.

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