Along with other motorcycle hooligans

Along with other motorcycle hooligans, Sigi made the environment unsafe. By double murder and bank robbery he comes to a stake money. For a rundown company he does the dirty work. For this purpose, he is to get thriller, the sister of the CEO left sit. He in turn has a crush on a certain Bruni, but does not want to have him. Sigi puts her under drugs and brings them so in the company boss’s marriage bed. The story has only one catch. Sigi and Bruni had something together earlier. Sigi let her sit. Bruni never forgot that. There are eternal quarrels between women about jewelry and clothes. Finally, Bruni is fed up and has Sigi killed by a shareholder of the group. He killed Sigi, the hooligan, in a luxury exhaust in the Odenwald. Crime, the widow, must wait 13 years, until a suitor takes pity. With his help, she kills the entire, still-strong clan.
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