It was Easter. In the already described cottage in the Hinterer Steinbachtal it had a wonderful dining room with full length windows on three sides and a wonderful view of the garden and forest. Once again the kinship was invited, “full house”. The round dining table was not enough, we got a side table, to unload all the good stuff, the holiday roast, the dumplings, the vegetables, the sauce, etc.
We had a nice morning, of course, spent with forest hike. While the men were already assembled expectantly and in the old fashioned manner at the dining table, the women still tinkering something in the kitchen, but then finally was applied.

As a concession to my father, we all sat down and he spoke the prayer. The eyes opened just in time to be able to register, as the camping side table slowly on one side went to his knees and formed a sloping plane on which the whole good Easter meal slipping leisurely. The sauce poured over the carpet, the rolls rolled through, the roast did not roll so far.

If you think that we never got anything to eat in the Hinterer Steinbachtal, I should tell them that I gained about 15 kilos there.

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