The footballer

On a large football field, in front of a goal are a footballer in a jersey and a reporter with a microphone. Behind the two you can see how the last spectators slowly, silently and with a disappointed expression leave the field. A spectator slowly rolls a small flag and sneaks past with both heads down.

Reporter: “How do you feel after your last game for Grün-Rot-Ganzenhausen?” 
Footballer: is silent. 
The reporter waits almost two minutes, then he holds the microphone under the nose of the footballer again. 
Reporter: “Mr. K., maybe you did not understand me correctly, with the noise here, which the fans organize, that’s not a miracle Well, how do you feel after the last game for Red-Green-Ganzenhausen? Season has unfortunately gone now. ” 
A last spectator comes from the stands, stops, looks at the reporter and the footballer and finally shouts: “Who does not score a goal, can not win!” Then he passes the two and leaves the place.
Reporter: “Obviously a somewhat confused fan. That some people always have to behave so wrong.” After all, you have nothing to blame, you were certainly on the court. ” 
Footballer: is silent. 
The reporter gradually loses his patience. 
Reporter: “Mr. K., I really would like to have an answer to my question, how else should I write my report?” 
Footballer: is silent. 
Reporter: “Well, Mr. K., that’s no use, I have more to do today, and I wish you all the best for the future, and that you still score many goals for your team.” 
Then he leaves the place.

2nd Act 
Home in the kitchen of the reporter. He stands at the coffee machine and pours coffee. Eva, his wife, comes in the door and has a newspaper under his arm. 
Eva: “What did you do to poor Mr. K. yesterday?” 
Reporter: “Me? Nothing, he did not answer me.” 
Eva opens the newspaper, both bow to it. In large letters read: 
“How K. was made by an insensitive reporter

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