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A man accidentally wires

A man accidentally wires $500,000 to the wrong account
He calls his bank manager for a reversal, but the manager says, “For that amount of money the dispute process would be very time-consuming.

For a quicker solution you would be better off contacting the recipient to send the money back.”

The man figures the chances of someone simply sending back $500,000 upon request are very slim, so instead the man comes up with an idea.

He gets the account owner’s number from the bank manager and sends them a text message. The message reads:

Hello, dark and worthy recruit. I believe you have received the $500,000 wired to you.

It’s for your initiation into the Eternal Brotherhood of the Dark Underworld. Our meeting is scheduled to take place tomorrow at 12 midnight.

A week after your initiation, your siblings and parents will die. This will unlock the wealth and riches awaiting you after we conquer this world.

But in case you’re not ready to join, please send back the $500,000 immediately and you will be taken off our list of recruits.

About 30 minutes later, he gets a response back:

Please send another $1 million. My two friends are interested.

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