Day: May 20, 2019

Collect emoijs

I must anticipate that I am a Coop and Migros child and appreciate these two loyal companions but sometimes strange things happen. (Note: Coop and Migros are department stores in Switzerland) So I stood at a Coop checkout in the queue and was pleased that I had only two customers […]


Recently I applied to a Munich artist agency for the cast of the main role of the planned film (comedy) “Beautiful Cow Seeks Organic Farmers”. My detailed CV – a very varied Vita – I have not just enclosed a recent full body photo of me, but also this cover […]

The footballer

On a large football field, in front of a goal are a footballer in a jersey and a reporter with a microphone. Behind the two you can see how the last spectators slowly, silently and with a disappointed expression leave the field. A spectator slowly rolls a small flag and sneaks past […]

No parking at ALDI

Seriously. That’s not possible. We have a right to just about everything. If not, we complain. Maybe only half public, so that not everyone hears it. But, NO PARKING AT ALDI? That’s a big deal. You do not believe that until you have experienced it yourself. And just before the […]

Everything Konfetto, or what?

As you know, the plural of Atlas is “Atlases”, and that of Solo is “Soli”. But does the valued reader and the esteemed reader also know what the singular of “confetti” must mean? Oh well, you thought “confetti” could still top her with an attached “s”. Ha noi !. The […]

What is Aldi?

Good day, how are you?” Even the older pardon, ‘more experienced’ generations have slowly admitted that the times of this almost unrestrained and completely unkempt parlance are over once and for all. “Finally,” it escapes the one or other fifties, this miserable youth language was replaced by a decent and […]

Not on this day

The contractions had begun three hours ago, at 14.30 clock. They were not very violent yet. Lore and Matthias were in good spirits that they could do it. “Not today,” said Lore and Matthias agreed, “Not today, not on this day.” “We should have calculated that better.” “Already, but who […]