No parking at ALDI

Seriously. That’s not possible. We have a right to just about everything. If not, we complain. Maybe only half public, so that not everyone hears it.
But, NO PARKING AT ALDI? That’s a big deal. You do not believe that until you have experienced it yourself. And just before the many Christmas holidays, where you can buy nothing, but nothing at all.
Should ALDI not be obliged to provide a willing buyer in need of a parking space in the interests of the common good, after having squeezed his car through a completely overcrowded inner city and reached his destination? Anyway, what are the people doing here?
I bought everything a few days ago to survive the time of slaughter and distress unscathed in body and soul. Hopefully, it will soon be over, the feast of joy, or rather the wait for the opportunity to replenish its supplies in case all businesses actually refuse entry for three days. Or, like now, a parking lot. Still meaner; or even more inhuman. Everything is protected by our constitution. We protect the environment, we stand there; and for a few years, with the addition: and the animals. Our Christmas goose could, in a purely legal, that is to say, theoretically, just grin cheekily, hop out of the tube and say, “I’m protected. Give me my feathers again and drive to ALDI and buy you a vegetarian palm oil pizza. “
Without parking I can not get it either.
But then one gets free. This competitor for essential Christmas food in the affordable price range, of which you also like to buy a few more, so that no one else does, it actually manages just before the announced arrival of the Redeemer, his allegedly Sinai-capable tractor accident-free.
Now I can quickly buy the little something that I forgot yesterday. I think. A look into the yesterday still lavish filled shelf, and another in the contented faces of queuing at the box office fellow teach me, however, a better.
Then drive your booty home. Eat them over the next three bleak days. But you can not get my parking space. I walk home

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