Frank was a well-trained bodybuilder who went to the gym three times a week. When he wanted to go home one evening, he went to the parking garage. He had parked in parking deck 1d. So one evening he went to the parking garage, there in the elevator and chose 1d. The elevator drove and drove. “It must have gone much further than 1d,” Frank thought, and suddenly the elevator stopped, the door opened, and behind it was a hallway with many doors, Frank walked down the hallway when suddenly a door opened He was dressed in black and wore a knife, and he said in a voice that sounded very high and cold: “Welcome to my floor.” Frank immediately raced to the elevator and frantically pushed the button for parking deck 1d. Just before the psycho had reached the door, the door closed. The elevator drove to parking deck 1d and Frank drove quickly to the police. This searched the whole house, but found nothing. He never set foot in this car park again

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