The beginning of a difficult time.

When I lay alone on my bed, my mobile phone rang suddenly. My buddy Bernd called and asked me if I have time. Shortly afterwards, of course, I did antwotete, yes ,, because there were currently holidays and He was about to come to me at 2 o’clock and after a few Youtube videos it wriggled at the door. My mother opened it, buried him and sent him up to my room. We talked about the school and a while later he said that I thought about what it might be. It was grass, which had been a topic of conversation for us for some time, or just a present. He opened his cigarette box and took out 3 joints. At first I thought, ‘Hey, where did you get those?’, But shortly afterwards I wanted to smoke them. I asked where he got them from and if they were pure. He said,They were from a buddy and they would kill us, so after about 20 minutes we decided to smoke them and went to a nearby forest. We often use the forest to relax and go there to listen to music. It was We leaned against the tree trunk and my buddy lit the joint. The first move was pleasant. It tastes like my first time after grass but burned a bit in the neck. As the joint My buddy suddenly said that he no longer felt his tongue and I was the same. I panicked, my stomach felt like it was burning but I could think straight .I found hundreds of times why we smoked the joint, but then it started.I stared at the floor as empty without thought just nothing.My buddy came up to me to look me in the eye and asked me: “Bernd what’s wrong with you, I replied:” Nothing should be, ” He said: “Yeah yeah you’re so funny,” he pulled me to him and he wanted to leave. He turned around and looked at me like in a movie the situation started to repeat. I was in the same place I was able to think clearly and was scared to death. I was like being trapped in an endless circle and it did not stop. There were about 8 repetitions and with each repetition I said other sentences. I said what’s going on, so he knows what. I shouted that he should take me to the doctor if who was my best friend, but he stayed calm. I hugged him to drive down.He grabbed me and we went to a tree trunk and squatted on it.He said to me I should concentrate.I closed my eyes and drove down.It was all too much me.Er I tried to distract myself and it succeeded. We went around but I was still panic that the situation would be repeated again and tried to bring new items into the situation. I said we should go to my backpack we left at the river I looked at it but it was not normal. I looked up at the rucksack among the trees but I stayed like on the spot. I did not come any further and I saw 10 of them standing side by side. I faded it and it disappeared.Then we went for a felt hour in a circle and looked every second to the clock to know how long we still are “high”. We lay down on the ground and looked in the sky. My buddy called his friend, from the He told him the situation but he said it would stop soon. We left the forest and walked by tens of blocks. Then we went to my house. We went to bed and fell asleep. I woke up and 4 Weeks later, the real horror began, which I already suspected.We went to bed and fell asleep. I woke up and 4 weeks later the real horror started, which I already suspected.We went to bed and fell asleep. I woke up and 4 weeks later the real horror started, which I already suspected.
Keep your hands off drugs.
Based on true references

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