The chocolate monster

Praline had just escaped once more and arrived completely exhausted at her box. “Where have you been so long?” Her new candy bar sounded seriously worried. “Let’s go in first,” said Praline, shoving Snickers back into the box. Here they were safe for the time being and chocolate could breathe. Nothing was the same as it used to be. Everything had changed in the closet since January. Their relatives used to die of old age, turned gray or put on mold, but since this Schokomonster made the cabinet unsafe, the chances of survival had dropped dramatically. Praline was lucky until today, because she did not look so fresh anymore and also had one or the other dent. That’s what saved her from a cruel death so far,

Praline had recovered a bit and sat down next to her new friend. Snickers had just arrived two days ago with his family in a bag and they fell in love immediately. Three Snickers brothers died on the first day and his family was still looking for a safe hiding place. Chocolates had pulled their box months ago behind a glass of old candy and over time was from the other cupboard opener still laid a dark chocolate bar there.

Dark chocolate was the ideal camouflage, because no one cared about them at all. Unfortunately, behind the glass there was not enough room to hide Snickers and his family, so her friend had to go back to the bag of his family after the much too short visits to her, again and again the dangerous way. Praline could only hope that he was the last one left and could spend a few more days with him. On this day, everything remained calm and chocolate could finally tell the Knoppers of their new friend. Before leaving her box, chocolates had, as always, discarded their gold paper packaging and squeezed, as it were, naked between the cough sweets and a newly arrived bag of gummy bears to quickly hide behind the vase. So without gold paper she looked really bad, but that was the only way to survive in this hostile environment. Apart from the Knoppers, they had really outrageous luck.

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Praline had been in the vase for a good two months, and that was a rarity in this cupboard. Just over five weeks ago, during an extensive chat with the Knoppers, their assumption had been confirmed that the cupboard opener always seemed to hide sweets from the chocolate monster and that was not enough, and she forgot to eat. The cupboard opener loved pretzel sticks and to their bad luck he ate the old ones that were not that fresh anymore. On the other hand, he rarely needed chocolate, and for this case he probably put on this stock, which strangely remained undetected until now. Praline patted the vase carefully. “We’ve already expired,” she heard a sleepy voice from the vase. “It’s me, praline, are you all there yet?” “Oh, it’s you, yes, Yes, everything is fine. There is news from outside. “” Yes? Me too. I have a new friend called Snickers. “” Well that’s good news. Hopefully it will last longer this time than with the nice Toffi, since it was over after just one day again. “” Oh I do not remember. It was really cute, but with a toffi, that just does not bring anything to die like the pretzel sticks. But tell me, what’s up with you? ” that just does not bring anything to die here like the pretzel sticks. But tell me, what’s up with you? ” that just does not bring anything to die here like the pretzel sticks. But tell me, what’s up with you? ”

“Yesterday we got a visit from a knight who is really crisp, I can tell you that there really would be something for you, but I think without gold paper that would not work”. “A knight, what is his name?” “I think Alpine milk or something, actually a stupid name for a knight, but crisp”. “Yeah, you said that, where is he from?” You’re not going to believe it, there was actually a closet that only served as a hiding place for our cupboard opener, and now it was apparently discovered by the monster, our crisp knight was the only one to be rescued and is now lying next to it us in the vase “. “Well then I wish you a lot of fun with your knight, I have to go back to my box”. The good wishes of the Knoppers were drowned out by opening the closet door and praline had to squint, because outside it was apparently already day again and the sun penetrated into the last corner of the cabinet. Praline ducked behind the bag of gummy bears and cautiously blinked at the open door.

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There it was again the monster, voracious as always it grabbed again the whole bag with the Snickers. Chocolates became chalky, her stomach clenching. “My goodness,” it shot through her head, “again the whole bag”. She was spared nothing. Sadly she crawled back into her box and cried. It could not go on like that. Now finally something had to change. Praline wiped the tears from her eyes and thought of Snickers. What did it make sense to wait longer in the box alone? You had to do something against the monster that ruined your appetite for sweets once and for all.

Praline was determined to sacrifice herself. She had nothing left to lose and for a few days, she started applying mold on her side. Of course she had not told Knoppers that, and she herself had successfully suppressed it. But it did not help. She was almost a year old, which is already a little eternity for a chocolate chocolatier, so it was time to leave. Praline wanted to repay the Schokomonster and made a decision.

First, she scratched the mold from the side and then began to polish consuming. Then she carefully smoothed out her gold paper and then wrapped it around her shiny body. Carefully, she rolled out of the box and lay at the front of the door. The hours passed and praline came so slowly the first doubts whether all this was really such a good idea, when suddenly the closet door was opened. Praline would have liked to get back into her box now, but the thought of how the Schokomonster would writhe on the ground with pain and nausea later confirmed her intentions, and even before she knew it, the gold paper was already being ripped from her body , The monster’s greedy mouth devoured her and Praline sensed nothing

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