The vanished street

I love to drive with the cart, that is the automobile, as it is commonly called. I’ve been doing that for more than thirty years and I know that pretty well … well, mostly. One traffic light after the other is left behind me and the city along with its many streets, alleys and many little corners are not unknown to me.
The bustle in such a big city, where I’ve been living for decades, with its many people, sheet metal avalanches and other noise-related accumulations is not a big problem for me anymore, so I could find the streets practically in my sleep, as I do because wanted.
Lately, there is also this additional help in the form of announcements, a voice – strangely probably only female – instills me, so I give the instructions for it, which is then to execute by her usually exactly to the hair. Naturally my “good lady” had agreed to whisper the instruction in my ear, which I noted with great enthusiasm.
Since it was a street that I know quite well, at least in name, I still had it in mind, should not that be an issue at all. My “good lady”, who seemed to give it only in the technical detail of the announcement, however, had given me the guidance to tackle the said street in a monotone voice: “Please turn right after 100 meters and follow the road 50 meters consequences!” … etc. usf.
So I followed this instruction, and even after this instruction followed the same, which I again followed properly, as well as pursued.
After a time span of just over two hours, then I felt a bad feeling, because my desired goal seemed still not within reach, quite the contrary … I could hardly believe it …, after the same street and rows of houses at the current meter , on the running piece, meanwhile, the tenth time in a row were pulled past me, but I have come to consciousness, the “good lady” had either missed their goal or maybe I had a hearing loss, but what I doubted.
In any case, I had now become dizzy from the “many running roundabout”, which is why I first had to take a break to recover from the “dizzy spells”, which urgently urged me urgently.
My “good lady”, however, continued to applaud me, in length and in breadth, in the same wording, so that I played with the idea of ​​having a good word with the good …. or at least little words to speak, so that time a little facts were created. Because to go through the same street ten times in a row bordered on an impudence that reached a dimension of incalculable proportions
“My good lady,” I said to her then, “I think they do not really understand the language that is mine, because I really did not want to drive in the roundabout, but find the Hubrecht-Meyer-Straße in real and believed to find them through their pinpoint instructions in a row! ” – “… unfortunately, they have obviously tied me up with a bear, which is why I am now suffering from a terrible headache and my car is also starting to fib, because there are also strange noises …”
Then I heard a croak and an incomprehensible murmur … besides, it also began to smell strange … Since I realized that my navigation system had probably a dip in the bowl, at least the roof damage seemed ever rock solid, why I pulled the plug out of the can and the road now began to look in the form of real events, namely the road map consulted, which then led me still safe and sound to the destination of my wishes.
Thankfully and God praise, we humans are not machines, and have our brains still operational, so that any connections will not begin to fib about, mostly anyway. Unfortunately, one would probably have to come a little earlier, that the “lady” either could not be very close in Oberstübchen, at least one should not rely blindly on what machines people want to instill everything. The rafting is guaranteed, in this sense …. always stay smoke-free by switching your own brain on and off, because as you can see, machine brains also smoke and can do immense damage.
Smoke together, there is an alternative at the end … because together it’s still best :-)))