Day: November 15, 2018

Lucky day

It was Friday, the thirteenth. I would have loved to stay in bed and overslept this day. Simply dreamy. But that was not possible, because there was an important conference and I should talk about superstition. I! So that nothing could go wrong I prepared my appearance very thoroughly: My manuscript was perfect, […]

The Reldiez Museum in Berlin

Last year I received a small book as a present, which I read only briefly, but then with increasing interest several times. It was about `Berlin painters poets’. Günther Bruno Fuchs and also Günther Grass are represented in this booklet. But it was especially the story of the Reldiez Museum by Hans-Joachim Zeidler […]

The vanished street

I love to drive with the cart, that is the automobile, as it is commonly called. I’ve been doing that for more than thirty years and I know that pretty well … well, mostly. One traffic light after the other is left behind me and the city along with its many streets, […]