The bird that had no feathers anywhere but the beak

Long, long ago, there lived a bird that, due to a genetic defect, had feathers anywhere on its body except the beak. Besides, this bird was named Bertram. Bertram had a very difficult life. He could fly very hard, you do not even believe how hard it is without feathers. In addition, the other birds from the neighboring trees always teased him. That hurt him a lot. Actually, he was really smart. He was a scientist. But no matter how much he calculated and fiddled, he did not come up with a formula that would allow him to math mathematically. But he calculated that the number of pi did not exist, that kangaroos laid eggs, and that the earth was just an illusion the ladybirds had devised to torment the rest of the world. The real place where people, Animals and plants would live, would be much nicer. The ladybirds had put all living things in a coma sleep, life on earth was just a dream. And for Bertram, this life was a nightmare. What did the whole formula help him if he had to live so featherless? The food procurement was very difficult. Because exactly the feathers he had hindered him very much. For example, if he wanted to pick a worm out of the ground, he could not do it, he tickled his prey to a maximum. So he invented a worm-making machine – short WBM – so much easier. His next problem was the long and frosty winters. He could fly too badly to fly in the south, and he was cold at home.
One day, a major skin cream maker made a casting, very close to Bertram’s Nest. All the neighborhood birds competed there, and when they heard that Bertram was joining in, they laughed at the poor bird. He wanted to withdraw his entry already, but suddenly opened in front of him the sky and a voice spoke to him:
“Do not withdraw your entry,
tomorrow I’ll give you luck “
and with a voice made entirely of velvet,
“I am from the tax office.”
So he went with me.
He came late for the casting and so he was in the back of the line. He watched as one after another joyfully entered the room where the jurors were sitting, leaving him a little later sad.
After a while it was Bertram’s turn. He did not expect anything, because if none of the other birds had been given a model contract, then he – that ugly bird – surely would not get one either.
The jury was very enthusiastic about him, because he had so few feathers and such a beautiful skin. They also said that because of its funny appearance it had a high recognition value and thus a high advertising effectiveness. Bertram was immediately contracted for life. If he did not model, then he worked in the research and brought so millions of the company with his great knowledge again.
The other birds, of course, now envied Bertram for his strange appearance, but more for his high income, and now wanted to be all his best friends. But Bertram knew that they were only after his money and did not let them share in his success.
One day Bertram was given a female partner in the company. At first he was disappointed because he said that his skills were doubted. He was about to sign a contract with other skin cream companies that were lining up in front of his nest. But then he realized that he had fallen in love with his partner. She, too, by the way, named Hermione, was in love with him, and they married. In the following months they got many kids, all had feathers on their beaks and all became superstars in the advertising industry.