The monkey, who did not like eating bananas

Some time ago there lived a monkey, he called himself Alois. This monkey lived in the jungle, just where monkeys live, together with his family in a rather large clan. Alois was quite popular among the monkeys, because he was skilled and could do many great things. However, he was not a good climber. The others always had to wait for him when they went on a climbing trip. But not everyone can do everything, that’s clear. Alois thought it was funny that he did not like eating bananas because it was very unusual for a monkey. Not that he did not like bananas, not that. But he just did not like her as much as the others, or at least he believed it. There was never much talk about bananas in the world of monkeys, they were just for eating. Otherwise that was more of a taboo topic. That’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Bertram would have liked to eat something else, for example pudding. Pudding? What’s this? He did not know pudding at all. Alois thought a great deal about his life, and he found that he did not want to hop from tree to tree forever and eat the lice of his relatives. Therefore, he decided to leave his family and look for new challenges. In the night, when everyone was sleeping soundly, he snuck away. Because it was so dark, he ran against every tree and tripped over every root in the jungle. Luckily he had not woken anyone up. When the sun finally rose, he counted his bruises – 326, only when he had learned how to climb did that number rise to more than five hundred. He then continued his journey. After an endless walk, he finally reached the steppe where he met the elephant whose consignment Maier was. There are no roads, only grasslands, said the elephant Maier. And in which direction is it most beautiful, Alois wanted to know. The elephant replied that he did not know that he was born without feelings, for him it would be the same in every direction. Where there are certainly no bananas, the monkey inquired. Over there, the Maier replied, pointing with his trunk towards south-south-east. Alois thanked the callous elephant very warmly and marched in that direction. After a few days, he reached an area of ​​which he had already heard, but he would never have thought that this really existed: the city. He wanted to take a closer look at these strange concrete blocks and the stressed out people. Alois scrutinized her funny clothes and upright posture. Looks very funny, he thought to himself.
When Alois passed a mirror shop, he saw something that shocked him deeply: he looked like a human being. He was wearing jeans and pullovers and was walking straight! That’s why he did not like bananas and knew the word “pudding”. He reached into his pocket and found a pass from him. There was an address on it, and he went there now. His wife was already waiting for him at home. There’s pudding for lunch, she said. Alois helped his children with the homework and the next day he went to work, he was president of Finland