Day: October 25, 2018

State mischief

State mischief Bavarian Television has only just announced the result of an “independent” long-term study of the University of Bielefeld on xenophobia in Germany. This investigation had already been fatal to me some time ago. The Free State is thus at the top of the Ausländerhasser. A good 22 percent of the […]

The green seven

The green seven Fred dangled on his hook with the number three. He was on vacation, so to speak, because his room had been renovated for over a month. Fred said he missed all the sweets, but nobody really believed him. I’ve been hanging next to Fred for almost three years and have […]

Does every pot really have its lid?

Does every pot really have its lid? In search of the right one, I discovered some strange specimens. Take my only wife as an example. He grew up in a very decent family home. My mother-in-law’s entire life was centered on her husband. He insisted on fixed meal times, all meals, of course, freshly […]

She is looking for Him

She is looking for Him It was just before Christmas Eve. Somehow I felt very lonely. Occasionally magnificently decorated houses. Smell of cinnamon in the bakery. Christmas songs that ran annoyingly through media and shops. No matter what or who was to blame. I wanted a partner! To be sure that my dream man also feels addressed, […]

Shakespeare and the merchant of Venice

Shakespeare and the merchant of Venice After the rehearsals in the “Globe”, I went with Shakespeare in the ‘ox’, where he often sat and took notes. While brooding over a few sentences about his new play ‘Hamlet’ and barely touching his mug, I already tipped down the third and watched the […]

No alcohol problems!

No alcohol problems! After a short time, the new pastor, young, Lutheran, eloquent and dynamic, realized that the morale of his lambs was not particularly good, with alcohol playing a special role. Especially the old Jansen, who incidentally he had never seen sitting on the hard pews from the high […]

OP brutal!

OP brutal! At the other end of the line hangs a totally desperate something: “Mom, sob!”, It beeps me against. Suddenly I realize who is obviously in need: This shaky, thin voice belongs to my elders and the ‘sob’ means it’s about life or death. “Little, what happened?” “Puchen, howl, […]

Red hearts in orange!

Red hearts in orange! At some point, it is in most teenage or young adult hearts so far. A certain longing goes up, can not be tamed, not even by the universally vaunted mind. He is gone, banished for long, long months. Then one day it will be so far. In the […]

They are among us

It was a few weeks ago. Shopping with my girlfriend. We were so far done with our errands, and now strolled gradually to the parking lot in the garage, where we had parked our car. My girlfriend wanted to visit the toilets in the shopping arcade on the way home, and I […]