She is looking for Him

She is looking for Him

It was just before Christmas Eve. Somehow I felt very lonely. Occasionally magnificently decorated houses. Smell of cinnamon in the bakery. Christmas songs that ran annoyingly through media and shops. No matter what or who was to blame. I wanted a partner! To be sure that my dream man also feels addressed, I gave the following ad:

Looking buddy, father with child, lover for a common piece of life. Offer friendship. Mother, Frenchwoman 45J. 1.62 55kg Dark blond, blue eyes. Marriage or living together excluded!

There were fabulous 24 letters by mail. After some had to be sorted, including a stack of advertising from dating agencies plus marriage institutes, only a single letter was left.

Meeting point I determined in a far away Bahnhofskneipe for two well considered reasons.

First, I’m a die-hard bachelor in my village, I do not want to lose that reputation.

Second: Should it be good for man, since man never inquired about the way.

I ordered a coffee and looked expectantly out the window. A little later, a red car arrived. An elderly gentleman with a funny face finally got out of the car after he laboriously tried to park near the front door. He went in and asked a lady sitting at the table with greasy blond hair: “Is that you?” The woman raised her head, looked at him, nodded. He greeted her and sat down. Suddenly, this Lord of Creation left his place, desperate to look for something. When I realized what had happened, there was no escape. There he stood before me, empty-handed and filled bald. He was visibly pleased to see our badge, shouting in embarrassment, “I’ve been waiting for you for ten years, finally you’re here! Oh, you’re smoking, I’m getting used to it!”

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Meanwhile, I have spent two Christmas Eve solo, is not that bad!