Red hearts in orange!

Red hearts in orange!

At some point, it is in most teenage or young adult hearts so far. A certain longing goes up, can not be tamed, not even by the universally vaunted mind. He is gone, banished for long, long months.

Then one day it will be so far.

In the aftermath I treat the daughter in question as if she is made of sugar and crame, let’s get it on the subject, secretly all the psychology gambit rules from my memory. I learn in no time to slow down my chatterboxes and instead put each word on the famous gold scale at least three times as a precaution. It is devilishly exhausting, but it brings me the triumphant realization:

“Man, I’ve gotten well again, which shines like the sun itself!”

Our conversation goes something like this:

“It’s really fun with Knautschi.”

“Of course, mom!”

“How nice he is with us, he does not defy at all and does not mess with the others.”

“Of course not, Mama!”

“Since he’s with us, we have become really fix!”

“Knautschi is just capable!”

“Besides, he is so modest!”

My daughter grins:

“Like me, mamma, does he have me …!”

I swallow: “Nah, that’s not the case, you’re eating … at least twice!”

My daughter’s expression darkens. Is it the statement itself or just the wording …?

After all, I did not visit the pedagogical branch of the lyceum in vain, so make up for it quickly:

“You both have a great figure!”

A clear glow goes over the younger face.

“Pooh, barely scratched the lipstick curve!”, I breathe.

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This greasy eraser works wonders. It does not stay alone with that light glimmer of joy. My offspring becomes really talkative:

“Mom, he’s so sweet!”

I agree with you quickly. I think convulsively: “Quickly a praise on top of it!”

“You rarely see such a cute thing!” I affirm.

This puts me back on the safe side. In fact, we both remain silent for the next two minutes, each engrossed in their thoughts and cheerfully continue on our way.

At first nothing exciting happens. But then our darling, who, because of our adulation, does not even know how to stretch his muzzle even higher, lands in the absolute swarm sky. A highly elegant, dark blue BMW luxury class rushes past us. A little unsettled, I search in the face of my daughter. Does she endure this unabashed prestige provocation …? Will it shock Knocker’s soul with a terrible shock?

“He looks really good!”, I note carefully, again putting every word on the already mentioned gold scale.

My offspring truncates for a moment, but then, visibly hovering in higher spheres, he answers in the chest tone of conviction:

“Yes, but against my crush he is a nothing, he is the fairest of them all!”

A second time this day, the sun has a serious competition.

May I introduce?

Knautschis official name: Knautschi-Orange from Micra to Nissan !!