A woman went to town for shopping

A woman went to town for shopping

A woman went to town for shopping and she found this newagey shop.

Curious she went in and looked around when she saw this huge di* sitting in

a corner behind some stuff. She asked the shopowner about it and he told her it’s a magical voo* di. Whatever you say, the di

will magically levitate and do as instructed, just say “voo* dil*” and tell where you want it to go.

She believed him and bought it. On the way back in the car, she couldnt wait to try it out and

decided to test it so she said “voo* di, shag my pus!”. Sure enough the did levitated from the back

seat, went in and pleasured her intensely!

However she started to wiggle a bit with her car on the road while the action was happening and a

nearby cop noticed and pulled her over.

As he inquired if she was under the influence of drugs or alcohol she replied it was because of this voo* dil*.

The officer laughed at her story and exclaimed loudly, “Voo* di?? My as!”.

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