No alcohol problems!

No alcohol problems!

After a short time, the new pastor, young, Lutheran, eloquent and dynamic, realized that the morale of his lambs was not particularly good, with alcohol playing a special role.

Especially the old Jansen, who incidentally he had never seen sitting on the hard pews from the high pulpit, seemed to him to be in danger. So he prayed to God to show him the right way.

But since the Lord seemed to have no desire or even thought that this was the job of the pastor, he made himself on the way to pay a visit to the old Jansen. When he arrived at the house, he found himself in the garden and swept up the fallen leaves of an approaching autumn.

After a searching God in greeting and how it went, with the old Jansen had little opportunity to answer, the pastor immediately began to convey his request: “Listen, Mr. Jansen, I know that they have alcohol problems, but I am willing to help you, and with God’s help, I’m sure we’ll defeat the devil! “

Old Jansen was silent for a moment and then said with a smile, “That’s nice that you want to help me, Pastor, but I do not have any alcohol problems, I do not think there’s enough schnapps and beer in my fridge.”

This encounter made his round, the old Jansen was not completely uninvolved. But since then he has had his rest.

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