Day: January 7, 2019

You Are Crazy!

You Are Crazy! It’s a guy sitting at the bar of a restaurant. He waits for a table to be released and notices a very pretty young woman, also sitting at the bar, having an aperitif. The guy walks over to her and says, “It’s going to be a bit steep, but would […]

Baccalaureate Competition

Baccalaureate Competition Collection of sentences taken during a baccalaureate competition in the Paris region (syntax and spelling of origin). In Brittany, we practice mountain breeding and transhumance. Note the prunes of Agen whose fame is worldwide. Brittany traditionally votes right because it is turned towards the sea. The Breton coast […]

Maritime Affairs

Maritime Affairs The following story is true (those who want to check can go to Canadian maritime affairs, the incident happened in October 1995). Transcript of a radio communication between a US Navy ship and Canadian authorities off Newfoundland. Americans: Please divert 15 degrees North to avoid a collision. To […]

British archaeologists

British archaeologists A few months ago, German archaeologists found, by digging some 50 meters deep, copper residues. After careful scrutiny, the German authorities make an incredible announcement: “25,000 years ago, the Goths had deployed a whole telephone network on their territory.” The British Government, far from being impressed by the […]