You Are Crazy!

It’s a guy sitting at the bar of a restaurant. He waits for a table to be released and notices a very pretty young woman, also sitting at the bar, having an aperitif. 
The guy walks over to her and says, 
“It’s going to be a bit steep, but would you dine with me tonight?” 
The young woman suddenly gets up from her seat and almost shouts: 
– What!?! To accompany you to your home ??? For whom do you take me, you perverted pervert? !! 
Hearing this, the guy returns sheepishly to his bar seat thinking: “this woman is completely crazy …” 

Five minutes later, the woman leaves her bar seat and joins our guy. She then said to him: 
– I’m terribly sorry for the scene just now. I am in psychology degree and we are currently studying the reactions of people when we give them a surprising answer! 
So the guy gets up at once from his bar stool and yells: 

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