The fat girl on the disc

Once I was a fat woman in the bathroom of a Disco painting herself and getting ready a
little in front of the mirror, when suddenly a beautiful redhead arrives,
blue eyes , delicate waist and inside tight leather pants.
The red one looks in the mirror, while the fat one observes that sculptural
creation, and says at the same time that she kisses herself: “Thank you Diet Coke”.
The fat girl is paralyzed, with the lipstick in her mouth (biting it)
while she sees the redhead go out.
He continues his work (with a lot of difficulty, by the way). She keeps painting herself,
when suddenly a beautiful brunette enters twice as good as the
previous girl , sculptural body, delicate, minimal waist, she looks at the mirror
up and down and says: “Thank you Reduce Fat Fast”.
The fat girl, who can not believe it anymore, is paralyzed with the tube of
half-open mascara , while she sees the tremendous brunette come out.
Continues his work (already with the pulse shattered, half envy, half
uncontrolled hatred towards Mother Nature) and continues retouching, when he
goes through the bathroom door a beautiful blonde three times better than the
previous girl , model of beauty, total goddess (behind from the door there are still the
howls of pleasure and joy that the blonde produces while crossing the track of
the disc), unique body, soft skin, ultra thin waist, high and thin
legs, all an angel. The girl looks at herself, entranced by her own image,
mirror, you can see the delicate and well formed ass, and it says: “Thank you
Silohuette 40″.
The fat woman finishes painting (rather, she flips the
makeup kit over the air ), gets ready to go out, turns to the mirror and shouts:
“How you ruined me, McDonald’s !!!”.

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