The good husband

A group of men was in the sauna of a club, when suddenly, a 
cell phone that was on one of the wooden benches begins to sound 
One of the men attends: 
– Alo? 
– Dear? 
– Dear? 
– Are you in the sauna? 
– Yes 
– I’m in front, in the Shoping with a magnificent mink … beautiful! 
I can buy it? 
– Who much does it cost? 
– $ 1,500 nothing more … 
– Well, it’s okay, buy it if you like it so much … 
– Ahhh and I just went through a Mercedes dealer and saw the latest 
It’s fantastic. I talked to the seller and he told me that he makes us price of
friend … and how we have to change the BMW we bought last year … 
– And how much is the friend price? 
– My love is only $ 60,000 … 
– Well, as we have money to spend … OK but for that price I 
want it with all the optionals. 
– And listen to me … before cutting … another little thing … 
– What? 
– Today in the morning I passed in front of the Real Estate and saw that the house we 
saw last year … is for sale. Do you remember? That with pool, 
garden and barbecue, completely isolated in front of that 
magnificent beach ? 
– And how much are they asking? 
– Only $ 450,000 … incredible, is not it? 
-Well, since we do not have many houses yet, you can buy it. But pay
maximum, $ 420,000, OK? 
– OK my love … Thank you … bye !!! I love you !!!! 
– Chau … me too … 
After cutting the man goes to the group of friends and shouts: 
– Who is this cell?

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