Texts of King Julian

And I think that they are shooting and I will have an attack in a moment! … Note … I have an attack!
And now I will arouse in you a sense of inferiority. Anyway, it’s justified.
So, I swear that I will not let you down, I will not let you down, but I will lead you to victory and glory. For “We Are The Champions”!
Aaah! Paparazzi!
Aha! I already feel the sweet taste of victory. Mmm … as if I had something sweet in my stomach. (Penguins are ahead of him). No, now he has been replaced by the bitter stench of losing! Uuu … stinks, not jokes.
Andrzej from Zielona Góra wants to use the phone to a friend, in my opinion he should shoot.

Poor Mort. Let me help you … Push your legs harder! What are your legs from when you do not push ?!
For, for who is more worthy of a cover than a king?
God bless you, the ancient gods!
I was just an emotional mattress for you and it’s inflatable! From now on, dear, you are sleeping on the floor!

I would like to see animals on my computer. Or rather, I would like to watch myself on the computer. Yyy, what is a computer?
Cutting! After the director it means a muzzle.
What kind of crazy madness they are. I can not focus on the ideal that I embody myself.

Next, I want to know the limit of my degeneration!
Give me, Stefan, give me.
Okay, and now buy back because I’m playing a robot and it’s a shocking performance!
Beak, beak. I would like to kiss, but I do not have lips. Well, give me a beak, no.

Where are my guests? Well, ride, ride, do not hide, it’s time to start a holiday in honor of me and my changing moods, because today is my day!
Stupid penguin, you have to have something in your head, not on top.

Shame on you, Maurice! You’re just gibbling!
Hello! Neighbors! I would like to borrow your toothbrushes to get combed where I do not reach!

And that’s why I have to take my royal intellect to help him. Well, who wants to receive the honor of carrying my suitcase?
And that’s when I realized that I need to focus on what is the most important thing in an anecdote called life – on myself.
They listen to them, but with their eyes.

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Me and my JJ,
at the side on the left, is a system
that hey-hey,
so jump and laugh! (…)
I can not even speak to you more.
Julian: Jadz streets,
asphalt tires drom.
Penguins, when I see a tree, I have
a heart attack.
Hi! Julian, Julian,
he is hard as a boulder …
Mort: We’re traveling a bit too slow …
You have to press the gas!
How handsome he is! It’s the most handsome beast I’ve ever seen! Not counting me, but I do not have to say that. And yet I said that. Why? I have no idea.
As a king, I can not have less, it’s illegal!
As my subjects, you have to understand what I will do even before I do.
How could I not have power? Holding power is the king’s duty. So, be silent.
I am King Julian and I support this plan!
Sure, in my left! I am the king and everything is left, left, stupid one!
I am flexible, but there is zero tolerance regarding the rate.
I’m a lemur wreck!
You are a bomb, the ancient gods!
One more thing. Can I see you a little bit? Just a little bit? I am begging you, I do not have anyone to overdo! Mort and Maurice abandoned me! Right after I exiled them.

When the screaming victim goes to the volcano, my friends, the gods, will eat it – I’m talking about the victim. “Very tasty, thank you for this sacrifice.” “Or maybe one more?” “No, one day is enough.” “Seriously? I will feel very hurt if you do not eat yet. ” “But I do not want another victim, ok ?!”
As a king, I have such authority that I can order all ghosts and ghosts to wipe me from here. Do it, Maurice.
Who will save us from the terror that falls from heaven ?! Well, no one! Who shares this view, I am asking for a hysterical attack.
Whoever digs under whom he has is wet under his arm.
Which story made me bored, because it was not about me. Kumas dependence?

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M … m … m … Maurice! How dare you disrupt my dream about JJay! Music played and in general!
Maaaurii, it does not reach me … Prrrfff … And yet without … Prrrfff … My superconformationspector will be sitting on the ground, like some sort of stupid armchair … What’s not summertime! … Prrrfff.
Maurice! Where is your head like a baniak, which I usually notice without difficulty?
Maurice! My royal backside is disgustedly ignored! Go, do something or disgrace you!
Maurice! Shut up, goose up!
Maurice! Order us some clothes. The best thing is pink with ruffled sleeves, but without madness. It’s enough to emphasize my masculinity.
Holding power is the king’s duty.
Be silent when you speak to me!
Mmm … anatomy, it turns me on.
My head is bare, my head is bare, my head is without a crown … Black are the thoughts of me …
Mort! Why did you eat my choco-crisps? Just do not say it’s not you! You have it written on the murder, a delicious chocolate mass.
Maybe it was unintentionally but deliberately! The enormity of this betrayal overwhelms me!

On the sandwich I want to wander through the world!
Maurice: Are we sure we want to do it?
King Julian: Yes. For it is a genius like me. Now raise me!
For the future, less raisins, well Maurice?
There is much less shade in the sun, you know?
There is nothing like gutting a horse.
You do not have to thank me, you just have to worship me on your knees.
No! You have no right to deprive me of a rod, it’s my whole life! Who is he talking about?
Do not touch my feet!
Do not touch my things!
Let the spirit of the night, biting those and not, leave them, I will let them out, I will give them out because I sleep badly, I will love them! Won me! Get out of here! Won me! Won me! Get out of here! Won me! Won me! Get out of here!
Skipper: Well, what are we to do now?
King Julian: Please, worship me.

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Check out my new image.
Kowalski: This is a chocolate explosion!
King Julian: Uuu, chocolate, sounds very promising.
Serial: We did not have chocolate as such …
Rico: Well, unfortunately!
King Julian: What did you have?
Kowalski: Y … Mainly mud.
King Julian: Well, a great presentation, and now let my belly taste these delicious delights.

King Julian: Look at my eyes. Both eyes, please, it’s bleary too!
Maurice: But I do not have the right one.
King Julian: Hey, hey, it’s okay, look, I have it too!
Help! This alligator eats against my will!

Yeah, you go crazy for my smelly friends, so sprinkle up, how much! Hey you! Sprinkling! Sprinkling! Still on the left.
So for the future. The answer to every tricky question is: “I”.
Only penguins and some nuns stink.
This peanut butter cuks tastes like a nut spit on my tongue mercury!
Maurice: This is piniata.
King Julian: What? What pata? Do not invent words.
It’s the most horrible dream I’ve ever had in my head, pinch me or bite me, or slap my face and curl my backside.
Kowalski: You, you know what, Julian? Thank you.
King Julian: You know what, Kowalski? You’re welcome. Well, what for?

Ww-take a look at how people want to see me.
Please, worship me.
Everything left is mine left, you stupid!

Kowalski: Yo, do you throw the fruit or not, dude?
King Julian: You convinced me, it will be one-sidedly funny. Yes, you love to take rotten fruits, I get to know each other through screams.

I took fire!