The men did it to her

An elderly man wanted to have fun in his life again and decided with his friends a week trip to Vegas, without the knowledge of his wife.
He was lucky, because by the time he wanted to fly to Vegas with his friends to hit the shit, his wife was on a four-day coffee break. So he just had to justify the three missing days and that was easy for him.
The Lord said he was on a fishing trip with his buddies and spend the days there. His wife was happy for him and drove cheerfully on vacation.
The men did it to her. They sat in planes, landed in Vegas and spent the hottest week in their lives there.
Too stupid was that the gentleman had left the computer to print out the tickets and the woman had to realize with horror after her arrival that your husband is in Vegas.
But without worrying, the men continued to celebrate and sat down after the party week on the plane to start the journey home.
Arrived at home, the man was already waiting for his wife, who reproached him a thousand and shouted indignant.
“Do not need to get upset anymore,” says the husband, “pack your things, I’ve lost you to a buddy at a poker game.”
Her mouth stays open: “How can you do something so terrible?”
“Well, it was not that easy, had to fit four aces.”

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