Little Red Riding Hood goes

Little Red Riding Hood goes through the forest. Suddenly the wolf jumps out of the bushes.

W: “I’m eating you now!”
R: “Oh shit!”
W: “Well, well, because it’s you: Before I’m beating you, you have three wishes left, so?”
R: “Well, you know, I did not have much sex in my life, would you, I mean, could you …?”
W: “Of course.”

Said and done.

W: “So, what’s your second wish?”
R: “Oh that was so nice, do not we want it again?”
W: “If it’s absolutely necessary!”
W: (Keuch) “Yikes, now your last wish quickly, I’m getting quite hungry!

W: “Oh no, not again!”
R: “I have one more wish, promise is promised!”
W: (hechel) “Well then …”

But that was too much for the wolf, even before Little Red Riding Hood comes, Wolf will never meet again … If the hunter comes by: “Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red Riding Hood, must that be? already the third wolf this week! “

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