I woke up that day and was 50 years old

I woke up that day and was 50 years old.

I did not feel very well but I hoped that my wife would wish me happy birthday. To my disappointment, she did not even say hello.

At breakfast my children did not talk to me.

Arrived at the office, my secretary told me: “happy birthday !! “. I was happy because at least she had remembered me, but to my great sadness, my colleagues had not remembered.

At noon, my secretary said to me, “Why not eat together? I said it was the most beautiful thing that I had been offered that day. We went to get some drinks, and eat together.

On the way to the office, she told me why go back to work so early such a day and offered me to go home.

When she got home, she offered me a drink and said, “Do not you mind if I’m comfortable? ”
I said,” What a question! “… In my head I told myself that this would be the last time I would have the opportunity to sleep with a young girl.
She went back to her room and went out with a huge cake and behind her there was my wife, my children, my boss and my colleagues …

… And I was like a con, naked in his living room!

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