Sara followed her into the kitchen

Sara followed her into the kitchen

Dave, Carl and Carl’s wife, sara were playing cards on Thursday morning. Dave’s card fell under the table and when he went down to get it, he saw that Sara was not wearing underwear.

Dave got back up and went to kitchen to get some refreshment. Sara followed her into the kitchen and asked, “did you like what you saw under there?”.

Shocked by her boldness, Dace hesitantly replied positively. Sara then said, “you can have it but it costs $500”

Dave agreed to pay that sum for it. Sara then said, “come by at my place at 2PM on Friday. Carl will be gone to play golf from 2 to 6”

On the next day, Dave reached Carl and Sara’s house an hour later. He paid Sara the sum and they did the deed.

At 6 PM, Carl returned home. His first words to Sara were, “did Dave come here this afternoon?”

Shocked Sara replied, “yes, he stayed for a few minutes.”

Carl then asked, “so did he give you $500 then?”

Gulping Sara said, “ye…ah”

Then Carl said, “great. He came by golf club and borrowed $500 from me and said he would pay you back on his way home.”

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