Given the irregular situation of the last elections in the US, the
United Nations has formed a commission of international observers
for the recount of votes in the State of Florida. Next, the
list of the observers that will be coming to supervise and guarantee the

Germany: Herr Doktor Otto von Frauden
Saudi Arabia: Elim Bidder
Australia: Johnny Miro
Brazil: Falcao do Nascimento T.
China: Chan Chu Yo
Cuba: Silvio Panada
Spain: Paco R. Ovando
France: Pierre D’Elvotto
Greece: Theft Sinescroupoulos and Akylos Transo The
Netherlands: T. Van Aestaffar
India: Gandhi Sima Farsa
Israel: Abraham Urnas
Italy: Massimo Atraco
Japan: Tekito Tuboto
Lebanon: Mestafa Al-Botar
Panama: Many Puleo
Portugal: Santiago de Trampinha
Czech Republic: Ivana Jodernos
Romania: Robele Sinolopescu
Uganda: Amin Mewele Akaka
Vietnam: Jo Dan Se
Argentina: Any official public (past, present or future)

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