The tragedy of the president

The president went to visit a class of 4th. Degree of a
Primary School .
His arrival came during a discussion about words
and their meanings. The teacher asked the President if he would like to
participate in the discussion about the meaning of the word “tragedy”.
Then, the enlightened leader asked the class for an example of “tragedy”. A
small child stood up and said: “If a friend of mine is playing on the street and
he gets hit by a car, that’s a tragedy.” “No,” said the president. “That would be
an accident.”
A small raised her hand and said: “If a transport bus
school is falling off a cliff, dying all its occupants, that
would be a tragedy. “” I’m afraid not, “said the President.” We
could call that a great loss. ”
The silence grew in the classroom. to give
an answer The president urged them to continue, saying: “Is there no
one who can give me an example of what a tragedy is?
Finally, at the bottom of the class, a small boy raised his hand and
with a very faint voice, he dared to say: “If the Tango 01 is transporting the
President and the entire Cabinet and a missile destroys it,
shattering it, It would be a tragedy. “
“Fantastic,” said the president. “That’s very good, and could you tell me why
that would be a tragedy?”
“Yes,” said the boy. “Because, in the first place, it would not be an accident
and in the second place, it would not be a big loss either.”

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