Two nuns left the convent to sell biscuits. One of them was
known as Sister Matematica (HM) and the other as Sister Logica (HL).
It was getting dark and they were still very far from the convent:
HL- Did you notice that a man is following us a while ago?
HM- Yes, I think I know what he is wanting.
HL- Logical. He is wanting us to sexually violate.
HM- Oh no! And if we keep this step he will not delay 15 minutes to
reach us.
HL- The only logical thing we can do is walk faster.
HM- But that’s not going to work.
HL- Of course it’s not working. The man is doing the only thing
logic that can do. He is also walking faster.
HM- And then? What can we do? With this step he will reach us in
a minute!
HL- The only logical thing we can do is to divide ourselves. You go
that way and I go for that one. Logically he will not be able to follow us at two at the same
After that the man decided to follow the Logical Sister (HL). The
Mathematical Sister (HM) arrived at the convent super worried with what could
have happened with the Logical Sister (HL). Until finally the
Logical Sister arrives !
HM- Dear Logical Sister. Thank God you are here. Tell me what
HL- The only logical thing that could happen happened. The man could not
Follow us both at the same time and then he began to follow me.
HM- I know that, but what happened then?
HL- The only logical thing that could happen happened. I started running as
fast as I could.
HM- And there?
HL- The only logical thing happened. He reached me.
HM- Oh my God! And what did you do?
HL- I did the only logical thing I could do. I got up the habit.
HM- Oh dear little sister! And what was it that man did?
HL- The only logical thing he could do. He lowered his pants.
HM- Oh no! And what happened then?
HL- Caramba, is not it logical, sister? A nun with the raised habit runs
much faster than a man with his pants down !!!!!
And if you were thinking about a dirtier ending, better pray three Ave Marias

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