A traffic policeman challenges a motorist

A traffic policeman challenges a motorist who has just burned a red light in a particularly determined manner. The policeman does not even try to start the dialogue and says:

  • Park your vehicle on the side and follow me to the post right now to fix it!

The man may try to explain himself, nothing helps. The genuinely zealous policeman takes him to the station and throws him into a cell, saying,
“You’ll wait for the chief here. It will help you think about the danger your driving poses to other road users and pedestrians!
And he abruptly closes the door of the cell.

He returns a few hours later to bring a glass of water to the incarcerated.

  • And again, says the policeman, despite your stupid behavior, you are lucky today. The chief is at the wedding of his daughter. He will certainly be in a good mood when he returns.
    And the man answers:
  • Not so sure, do you see it’s me the groom!
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