A computer scientist dies and is sent to paradise.

A computer scientist dies and is sent to paradise. 
Up there, he starts looking for his former colleagues already gone to heaven, but no way to find one! 

He goes to see God and asks him where they went. ? .. 
God consults the angels who inform him that there is no trace of computer scientist here … 

The poor employee really bored too much, decides to go find his colleagues in hell, but oh surprise! , the Devil tells him that there is no computer specialist there either! 

The employee really does not know where to go to see St Pierre hoping to get information and asks: 
– “St Pierre, sorry to disturb you but really it’s very strange …
– “Hum … it’s very strange indeed …, answers St. Peter, but what did you do as a job ???” 
– “Computer scientist.” The employee answers. 

Haaaahhh …! Hugs St. Pierre! … But it had to be said right away! … … They are at the coffee machine! ! !

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